Pan Pacific Masters Games history

The First Masters Games event was the 1985 World Masters Games in Canada, which attracted 8,305 contestants from 61 nations. As Masters sports gained prominence, Australia and New Zealand started hosting national competitions. Tasmania hosted the 1987 Australian Masters Games, and Wanganui the 1989 New Zealand Masters Games. Brisbane hosted the 1994 World Masters Games, which attracted 24,000 athletes from 71 nations.

Add how often Pan Pacific Masters games are played.

Gold Coast, Queensland, hosts the Pan Pacific Masters Games every two years.

When do the 2024 Pan Pacific Masters Games start?

From November 1-10, 2024, the Gold Coast will host the 13th Pan Pacific Masters Games. Locals and competitors call the games “the Pan Pacs”.

Many world-class facilities host national and international athletic events. Players simply need to fulfil their sport’s qualifying age, which is usually 30. At Pan Pacific Masters Games, everyone is a wonderful sport, and although competition might be severe, it’s always pleasant and entertaining.

Where the Masters Games for 2024 are taking place?

The Gold Coast in South East Queensland has several venues. Its world-class sports arenas have hosted luminaries. The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Sport and Leisure Centre, Coomera Indoor Sports Centre, and state-of-the-art Gold Coast Hockey Centre will host “the Pan Pacs” 2024 alongside sites “purpose-built” for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Gold Coast’s stunning beaches and waterways will host many sports.

The Entertainment Hub, featuring a stellar roster, returns to the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, where athletes can mingle, catch up, and celebrate their successes.

Is “The Pan Pacs” age-restrictive?

The Pan Pacs are now the world’s largest biannual masters games. The 2022 Pan Pacs, known for its professional delivery and management, drew over 16,000 competitors, support crew, and fans from Australia and 30 nations, boosting the city’s sports and tourist industries.

What sports are on “The Pan Pacs”?

What sports to enter in “the Pan Pacs” in 2024 is up to you. Over 40 individual and team sports, including traditional favourites and new innovations, are on the programme. You may discover a new ability or interest while watching “the Pan Pacs” and meeting many luminaries. Regardless of sport, competition is strong yet pleasant and entertaining.

Is “The Pan Pacs Games” are age-restrictive?

Just meet the minimum age for your sport, which is usually 30. However, legends as young as 18 and as old as 90+ will compete in “the Pan Pacs”.

Athletes must qualify for “The Pan Pacs”

Competing in “the Pan Pacs” requires no qualifications. Try it, move beyond your comfort zone, and enjoy the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of like-minded sports fans.

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