Majority of Australia’s tourist attractions can be accessed by sea along with the best cruise deals in Australia. And Australia’s luxury cruising makes it easy for you to visit these beautiful destinations with comfort, relaxation, luxury, and hassle-free.

Australia, the world’s largest Island, is famous for its beaches and lakes. Millions of tourists come to Australia to visit these tourist destinations which are close to nature and to keep them away from urban hustle and bustle.

Luxury cruising is an important part of Australia’s tourism industry that is not only luxurious but lets you make some memorable journeys. Luxury cruising transports you to a world of adventure, grand and sophisticated that gives you a unique experience.

Luxury cruising is known for the pampering it provides, you will be delighted with services from suite to shore, delectable dining, extraordinary itineraries and mesmerizing ports. Cruising around Australia’s 60,000-kilometre long coastline will let you feast your eyes with aquatic landscapes that will give you the experience of a lifetime.

A luxury cruise is basically a floating five-star hotel, where you will be lodging along with other guests and get to know them apart from enjoying complete freedom and flexibility. Chartering a luxury cruise is the ultimate and luxurious way to explore the natural beauty of Australia.

Here is the list of some of the Best Cruise Deals in Australia that will make your trip to Australia a memorable achievement.


Silversea is perfect for those who want to explore Australia’s Water bodies and bi-diversity. If you are a nature and adventure lover It is a perfect match as you get the best cruise deals in Australia

Silversea is designed to suit those who seek perfection on luxury voyages. You can have the best family cruise holidays as each ship has a
range of 51 to 364 suites to ensure every guest finds balance between choice and intimacy, along with unmatchable dining and hospitality and not to miss the best cruise deals in Australia.

Azamara Cruise Lines

Azamara cruises are known for their upscale suites and travels to remote destinations. Azamara cruises have a reach of 300 ports in a staggering 100 countries. So, if you are in for new destinations, adventures and want to delve in luxury, then Azamara is the cruise line for you.

All Azamara Cruise ships have the capacity of accommodating 700 guests and have a dedicated crew to address them. The Azamara comes equipped with onboard fitness centers, lounges, and musical performances in addition to culinary delights from corners of the world.


Want to travel hassle-free? Then Ponant is the option for you. Ponant provides you with the perks of a worry free voyage with luxury and style. Onboard you will be accompanied by Ponant’s experts, who will provide you with an environment-conscious experience.

However, the Ponant offers only a limited number of staterooms and suites, so make sure that you book yours well in advance and experience the voyage of a lifetime. Ponant luxury cruise offers bespoke on-board services and makes you find its stopovers to be unusual in a unique way that gives you a true picture of natural beauty and biodiversity.


Seabourn believes that travelling enriches people’s lives because it has a redemptive power. And it rightly says so as travel is important for mental growth and personal contentment. Seabourn has a fleet of all-suite ships that carry a whopping 450-600 passengers on each journey, however its hospitality extends to each passenger onboard it.

Regent Seven Seas

Well-known in the tourism industry, Regent Seven Seas luxury cruising raises the bar when it comes to making pleasant and incredible memories. Regent Seven Seas defines luxury like no other and offers features and services that will make your journey last a lifetime.

Room service on the Regent is available 24/7 with charge.

You will also be able to dine in the privacy of your room and friends or at a specialty restaurant at no extra charge.


Prepare to be surprised with the Cunard, it will sail you in luxury along miles of beautiful Australian coasts towards fascinating ports throughout Australasia. Cunard’s well-crafted Australia itineraries make port stops at cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane and lets you enjoy the diversity of Kangaroo island.

Cunard is a luxury cruise that allows you to explore the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy a night out at the Sydney Opera House and go on a rainforest rafting adventure in Cairns.

If you are planning an international luxury cruise then Australia is the best destination. You have the best opportunity to explore biodiversity, sea life, and beaches.

Luxury Cruise gives an unprecedented opportunity to visit Australia. Find the best luxury cruises in Australia with Travel Deal Finders

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